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Established in 1998, Hi-Tech GameTraders is proud to be locally owned and operated out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. We pride ourselves in serving Saskatoon’s video gaming community. We began with a single location on Grosvenor Avenue. In order to compete, we quickly established ourselves as the video game specialists in the city, now operating 4 locations. We strive to offer the largest selection, best service and best prices.


We carry a wide selection of video games, consoles and accessories for all gaming needs. From the good old days of Atari to the current Nintendo Switch and everything in between. We also carry DVD, Blu-ray, Collectibles and random goodies.


Our services include the following: buy, sell, trade, rent and repair. Currently through our website we will only be selling product. All other services must be done in store. For further inquiries or questions, please check our ‘contact us or location’ page.


Thank you to Saskatoon for helping us grow and our continued progress. Saskatoon has helped us compete with all the big box stores and we plan on continuing to be the true video game store Saskatoon deserves. We now hope to proudly serve all of Canada through our website.